Twinstiq Gameclub Plays: The Dig

Welcome to Game Club.

I’m your host Greywolfe and for the next two weeks [we’re reconvening on the 16th of April, 2017] we’ll be playing a game that’s very dear to my heart, “The Dig.”

One of the game characters near some water as he contemplates his fate.
Boston Lowe near some water. Isn't it beautiful? And serene?

“The Dig” is a LucasArts game from the era when that studio was in it’s prime.  It is nothing like their other comedic ventures, [though it does have the occasional joke here and there] but it is beautiful to look at and listen to and it’s themes are ones we don’t generally explore much in gaming at all.

In “The Dig,” you play as a team of astronauts investigating an asteroid.  Naturally, in a not-at-all-shocking twist for media everywhere, the astronauts find themselves doing a little more than that when they end up on a seemingly barren planet.  Once here, the game begins in earnest as the trio begins to solve the mystery of this planet and it’s inhabitants.

If you’d like to play along, you can get “The Dig” from Gog or Steam [though I highly recommend the Gog version.]

If you think you’re going to be stuck, you might consider consulting a walkthrough and if you’d just like to watch the game, I did a complete, very laid back Let's Play of it on YouTube not so long ago.

I hope that you enjoy this game as much as I enjoy it.

Happy gaming, internet and see you soon.

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