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WRUP Would He-Man Do?

He-Man has nothing to do with Giant Bird-Dogs and Xenomorphs you say? Well that's just too bad cuz here's the song you get to listen to while Dr. S is gone, opening up a Brothel for Ugnaughts.  
Hmmmm. Goes well with DOTA i might add. Oh and a special thanks to Tru for the choice of these radioactive Rabbits :D So what are we all doing this weekend?
  • Andrew: Garou: Mark of the Wolves
  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): I'm so old I've forgotten how to find my way home. Can someone please help?
  • Scrooloose: 
  • Thomas (Twitter): I have kept secret my deepest desires for long enough, I am off too follow my dreams and establish an institution where Ugnaughts can truely use their natural mating call!
  • TruLegendKiller: Alien: Isolation, Gears of War 4, and now.... Drum Roll Please.... THE LAST GUARDIAN! It's finally here people, time to freak the freak out!
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Alien: Isolation!!!! So much Fun, but lots of shitting in my pants :P
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WRUP: Isolation.

I'm not playing Alien:  Isolation because a bunch of other Twinstiq folks are and I'm not very into horror games at all, I'm afraid.  Plus.  Halloween has come and gone. So, let's talk about games OTHER than Alien:  Isolation that the Twinstiq crew are playing: (more…)
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WRUP of the Dead

What a week. We finally have a name and first impression of the NX, Red Dead Redemption 2 got announced, and a couple of hours ago my doctor told me that there is something seriously wrong with my health. Soooo, yeah. Video Games, am I right? Sorry, not really in the state of mind to…
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