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Games Are WRUP

Well this week is more interesting than last. Gears 5 is out on Monday and I have to say I think it looks pretty good. It's the first Gears since the... first Gears, that I've been interested in and I'll probably pick it up. Supposedly it plays somewhat similarly to a non-linear over world title that has a slight similarity to something like Zelda or Darksiders, where the player will use the world map to travel to "dungeons" and play through those. I may have that analogy a little mixed up but it sounds like a bit of a change. And It's bound to be a pretty good sized title since the download is 80GB and the system requirements still recommend a Ryzen 3 and an RX580 to run well. So I don't imagine the level of detail has been vastly improved from previous titles. Either that or it's being given with uncompressed audio or something like that. And the videos I've seen of game play seem to look pretty cool. Read more

Hot Space WRUP

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is awesome, you really should play it. Great character controller, lots of good music including the option to drop your own tracks in and listen to them, a story that doesn't totally suck and the biggest most exaggerated explosions since Just Cause. But for me one of the coolest features is the built in paint program that allows you to make your own skins for your ships. That's like some old school flight sim stuff right there. I put a cool tusky face on the front of my current ship and I don't think it turned out bad for a guy who doesn't know to draw in Photoshop. Read more

Super Weekend WRUP

Well The 2080 Super is out from Nvidia and it sure is a 2080. Every reviewer I've seen talk about it has mentioned around a four to seven percent performance hike for the same price, which is probably worth it if you're coming from a much older GPU. But if you're replacing your 1080ti, don't do it with the 2080 Super.

The water cooling solutions are starting to come around for the new Navi cards as well and that's great because holy butts those things are a hot and loud. Just don't expect to gain much in terms of performance just because you're going to be running cooler. It seems the memory clocks don't really appreciate being raised very high and quickly become unstable leading to some pretty nominal gains. Somewhere in the five percent region. But at least it won't be running at 100c and sound like a small vacuum in your tower. Read more

I Need Space – WRUP

This last week flew by for me. I'm not sure that's a such a good thing because I don't feel like I got much accomplished. I did see a couple of new trailers that have me interested. The new Top Gun movie actually seems like it's going to be alright. And the Netflix teaser for the Witcher series looks really awesome. I can't say I like that the wolf medallion has been changed so much, and I'm not a huge fan of the contact lenses that are very clearly contacts. But I will say that I'll be binging that show until my eyes look like Geralt's at the end there. Read more

WRUP Again

Well unless you've been under a rock that doesn't have Wifi access you've probably seen the new AMD CPU and GPU releases. They seem pretty promising if you ask me. Intel is still winning the race in terms of total performance in some cases but AMD has definitely brought a competitor this time. The same goes for the Navi, GPU's. They may be mid-range video cards but they're looking great, even adding their own image sharpening to the mix in a simple, on or off, setting in the drivers. The blower cooler is still loud and for some reason restricted in terms of air flow. This means the cards run pretty hot. In the 90's C, in fact. When my old 390X started running at 90 C, it was time to change the thermal paste. Read more

WRUP Time Again

Well it's the weekend again. Whether you're a nine to fiver or a freelancer, self employed or stuck by, "the man", in a cubicle, most of us can generally agree that the weekend is a saving grace from the slow burn of a work week. Unless you also work weekends. In that case, have a great day at work. Read more


Well the weekend is upon us and the official start to Summer in this part of the world happened to be yesterday. My week, in terms of bascially everything, hasn't been great. But I'm hoping to turn that around with some home projects and game time. This week Epic has Rebel Galaxy for free and so far it's been fun. There's no "Z" axis to navigate, which is weird since it's a 3D space game if I'm honest, but I like it so far. Certainly, the sound track is good. Read more