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Wrup are video games again?

I had another awful week, so I have zero knowledge of what happened in gaming. How about you guys tell me in the comments instead?

Seriously, all I gathered was Drake streaming something on Twitch. Good for him, I guess. And Twitch. And whatever game he played.

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Austria is a fucking nazi country…wrup

That whole violent video game debate, oh boy... but how about something even more disturbing?

We have a political party in our government which (in the best case scenario/this is just the stuff that was recently documented) has professional politicians in its ranks that wish for Adolf Hitler to return, who are part of fraternities that sing old Nazi songs, who've been pictured doing the Hitler Salute (unironically). And now a heavily armed police force under the command of a member of said party raided our Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and apparently seized documents concerning right wing extremism including a full list of informants, possibly even stuff shared by foreign agencies.

If you don't know shit about austria: We are a wealthy western democracy, sandwiched between Germany and Italy. Our biggest cultural exports: Mozart, Hitler and Red Bull (which btw. is owned by Didi Mateschitz, who is also a strong supporter of the far right, keep that in mind next time you'll buy a Red Bull). We've been bombed to hell already. We've still have concentration camps in the country to remind us of what has happened here. One would think we would have learned the lesson.

Never underestimate the threat of fascism.

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This week, some heavy metal. Because if we don't listen to it, we won't be able to determine if it will make us killers or not. They hide Satan in those arrangements, just like Barcodes, and Rap Music. We need to find it and show the world how it must be stopped, or the devil might make the world play video games...

Well, Anyway, What games are we playing this weekend?

Greywolfe: still doing daily quests.  hooray.  or something.  but i've actually started picking up real games again.  campaign two of etherlords ii is done.  i need to take a break from that game before i step into campaign 3, but it's been a blast, playing a 40 hour aaa game.  i'm very nearly at the end of space quest 5, too.  probably going to move over to quest for glory 4, after that.  and as for book of unwritten tales, i'm going to start in on that again, soon.

Andrew: Trying to resolve some annoying PC issues. If successful, I will probably be checking out some new-ish stuff on GOG and Steam. If not, I may revisit Fallout 4 on PS4.

Yoda0vgs: Still trying to finish up the Witcher, just started on the expansions, once im done with that Death March run ill prolly try out assassins Creed

Scroo: Snowed in this weekend it looks like so I'll be doing quite a bit of Netflix-ing and the like. Probably also some gaming cos that's my MO. Steep is more or less done but has been lots of fun. I imagine I'll continue in Grim Dawn and I might finally try getting really into Nioh.

Trulegendkiller: Having a Fucking Birthday Bitches!

Dr. Strangethumb: Wishing I was cool enough to go to Tru's Birthday party!


I finally got back into making games yesterday, or at least learning how to do it. Current project is a small satirical platformer. More info on that once (or if) I actually have something to show that isn’t just a bunch of placeholder graphics. But yeah, enjoyed playing around with it so far. Making games can be fun. Try it! Read more

Rise and Wrup

Holy shit, it’s already Sunday and I completely forgot about the WRUP. Sorry, not sorry… the new Civilization add-on came out. Don’t expect anything of me in times like these. Anyway, time to get back to world conquering.

What has everyone been playing over the weekend?

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WRUP Society

Our industrialized and digitalized society has grown fat. More and more people work from home, sitting 16hours a day, with food delivered to the door. We’ve lost our connection to production processes and through social media we become more and more disconnected from what was once the predominant form of society. But don’t worry, that’s all going to stop now. Hunter-gatherer society is back, bitches. Monster Hunter: World has arrived. And those who would rather go down in flames still have DragonBall FighterZ. Read more

WRUP (Week of 1/22/18)

Well, another week down. And what a week it has been. January is almost at a close and, somehow, we are all still alive and not living a real-life version of Fallout (but just in case, might want to get your bottle caps ready). So let's check in with our Twinstiq crew to find out what they have been playing!


Scrooloose: Well I finally jumped into the Ashes of Malmouth expansion for Grim Dawn and it's pretty good so far. Two new classes and two full new acts in the game story. I'm more or less planning on that being my major Vice. Yoda and I have decided to install Warframe and try it at some point soon since it's referred to as -Destiny, but good. Plus it's free to play so if we don't like it it's gone and forgotten. And depending on what my schedule looks like, I'll probably keep on with Shadow of War and Horizon Zero Dawn in the wee hours.


TruLegendKiller: Assassin's Creed Origins has me hooked right now. But I can never stay too far away from Persona 5. About to restart that again because it is so freaking good. Also may make time to play more The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

GreyWolfe: I'm probably halfway with the Chaot campaign in Etherlords 2. It feels that way, at least.  [when I won the original campaign, my guy was approaching level 13.  my guy in the current campaign is at about level 8.] - it's fun. I'm glad I'm actually playing through the whole thing, now. As for Book of Unwritten Tales, well, Wilbur's got his robe and wizard hat on, which means it's probably time to move back to Ivo, the elf.  I love the design of this game for the most part. All the puzzles are absolutely logical.

Yoda0vgs: Gonna try out Warframe at some point, still roaming around Witcher, and got some more friends into Dota so I may be putting my coaching hat on :P

Qrup1 2018 in games

Dr. S is back and maaaaaaan… looking at the internet I wonder if I shouldn’t leave again straight away. Anyway, welcome to 2018, the year we finally see Shenmue 3, though it sounds unlikely. Wait, good idea, I never know what to write in this things anyway, so why not round up some of the early 2018 releases. Read more