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Strange Things WRUP

Starting off with the weather here in June... rain, hail, snow and thunder storms. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying not cooking in the high 90's already, but it's a little weird for this time of year to be getting snow around here. More relevant to the WRUP, there's also news of Sony and Microsoft coming together in some kind of perverse harmony to improve cloud game streaming. What's the world coming to? All joking aside it actually looks pretty interesting. Whether you like it or not. Digital Foundry has a very informative video on the subject that I'll toss in below. Microsoft is even going to be adding some 20 titles to Steam pretty soon here. Strange times we live in. Read more

Weird Yellow Console WRUP

Happy Saturday everyone. It's Memorial weekend over here in the states so I'm sure folks are gearing up for the extra time off and planning trips to the lake and weekend warrior projects etc. I, myself, am probably going to finally be finishing a rebuild of the deck here at home. Believe me it needs it, can't even walk on a lot of it any more. And before I let it slide by, from all of us here - Thanks to all the past and present military service men and women who have and still do serve the country. Stay strong out there.

I'll probably be playing a video game or two as well in my free time, and speaking of that - I finally got my rambling opinion video up on the LP channel for Rage 2. Click on this word if you'd like to watch that. Keep in mind it is a rambling video so my commentary is sort of spotty. But you'll get my point I think.

Hey, did you guys this silly black and white hand held console from Panic? Read more

Back in [WRUP]

There's me at the Gravity Bar on top of the Guinness Storehouse

What's up everyone? It's me, Scrooloose and I'm back. I took a trip to Ireland and it was epic. My sister treated us to this trip as a christmas gift and we had a great time walking around Dublin drinking loads of beer and driving through the country side seeing the history of the place (not at the same time of course). There were museums and parks and castles and ancient monastic cities and everyone we met were the friendliest people you can imagine. And of course the Guinness Storehouse. It was also great to go because my family, like lots of Americans, are Irish by heritage. I highly recommend taking a trip there if you've never been, treat yourself because it's in amazing place to be.

Now, to the reason we have WRUP... games. I've picked up Rage 2 myself since being home and it's okay. I'm working slowly on a first impressions video, been hard to get it recorded and rendered with all that's been happening since being home so be patient with me please. I know it's been ages since we've had any content go up on the Youtubes. Have you guys seen, A Plague Tale: Innocence? What a great looking stealth title that is. I'm hearing nothing but good things and I really want to check it out. Let us know if you've played it yet and what your thoughts are. Same goes for anything you may have played, as always. I also finally got a start on the newest Grim Dawn expansion, Forgotten Gods. As usual, Crate seem to have knocked it out of the park with their typically deep lore and a whole new experience with tons of new items and quests and so on. Read more

WRUP: Happy Satur(n)day!

So , little known fact: today is actually the 24th anniversary of the American release of the Sega Saturn! And it's a Saturday. Saturn, Saturday...Satur(n)day! Get it Anyway, in honor of the occasion, I will be posting a retrospective in short order. I hope it will inspire you to celebrate the rest of this Satur(n)day in your own way.

First, however, we are in need of a WRUP! And since nobody else seems willing or able at present, and I, apparently, haven't done one in a very, very long time, the responsibility seems to have fallen to me this time around. Lucky me and lucky you.

What's everybody playing this weekend?

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WRUP Big Money

Did you guys get your free copy of Assassin's Creed Unity from Uplay? Ubi did something nice for once and donated a half million dollars to hep rebuild Notre Dame after the very recent fire. They also gave out a free of copy AC Unity since it features the nearly thousand year old cathedral. The money that's been donated to to rebuild Notre Dame is pretty staggering. Over a billion dollars so far. Pretty crazy how people have come together for this old building. The human history and art that was lost can't ever be replaced. Hell the ceiling itself is a feat that's going to take a lot of engineering to rebuild, and that's if it's even put back the way it was before. To say it's going to be quite a repair project is an understatement. Goes to show that humanity can come together when there's a focus. Now if all these people could just donate a billion dollars to curing various cancers and other, wider sweeping, current tragedies... that would be something else.

And speaking of free games - Transistor, is free on Epic games. Get you some of that. Read more

Something WRUP

Well it's the weekend. And video games are somethings people play. And this is a video game website! So what are all the twinstiqers (Twinnies? Twinstqies?) playing this weekend?

Who knows, so here's a super catchy song and a few blurbs from people who blurb about games and stuff.


Greywolfe: by the time you read this, i should be done grinding all 507 levels of rogue legacy. next job: either grind up some coin to buy some better armor and good runes [one of the ways that game has to give you extra passive powers in the game] or just go tackle the bosses. i want to go and look at the armor before i decide that, though. otherwise: etherlords 2 and beneath a steel sky have started up. bass is a game i've recently played and am playing again to properly finish, while etherlords 2 is a game i've been playing spread across three years, now. when i get through a campaign, i put it to bed, then pick it up the next year. it's been a very relaxed way to play that game and i'm glad i did it like this. i'm in campaign three, so this will be the end of that game. lastly, more quest for glory 4! which is much more fun than i thought it would be.

AJ: I recently sprang for an actual, real-life drum set which I intend to play along to Pro (no fail) mode on Rock Band 3 and/or 4. Should be lots of loud, rockin’ fun. Also, possibly some Owlboy and/or Hyper Light Drifter, both of which I just recently tried for the first time and pretty much immediately enjoyed.

Tru: I've been a teacher.

Scroo: I've been loose.

Dr. S: I've been strange. Thumb.

Yoda: Really want to finish Ass Creed this weekend but I doubt I'll find the time. If i have some game time i may squeeze in a round or two of CSGO

Dusk WRUP Jumble

Well, okay maybe not actually dusk yet here but I've had a long day and I couldn't do the WRUP before it started. So I feel late to the party this weekend I guess. I just had lots of work to do today, which is great cos I need to make money.

Just imagine a smooth segway has taken place and we're talking about shows to watch now.

I've been watching Love Death Robots on Netflix and it's been really awesome. A collection of animated short stories, each with their own message - really, really good. I recommend it. The other show is similar but with a main theme. It's called, The Kirilan Frequency. I won't say much about it but it's another collection of short stories told like a talk radio program in a pretty strange place. Hard to tear away from and weird. Read more


What's up guys? It's me Scrooloose! Hey, so I was gone last week and nobody picked up the WRUP even though I left a clearly written message stating I would, in fact, be gone. We skipped one WRUP as a result. Get it? Hard to find good, free help these days I guess. I can't be mad at these guys though, I'm not even the boss around here. Anyway --- Was anyone at the Watsky show at the Warfield in San Fransisco last weekend? I was there and that show was great. I went with some friends and my Sister, who rented us a legit Mystery Machine to drive around in for four days. We got ripped off hard on parking in a sketch ass dirt lot by the Tenderloin, however we had little choice but to accept the extra cost even though it was seriously fist waving time. The dude didn't even keep a ticket corresponding to our vehicle for the sake of effs! We could have told him we owned any of those cars and drove away with it! But we did at least get to watch two full seasons of the original Scooby Doo show. And when the horn was honked it said "Scoooby Dooby Doooo!!" and everyone around us took pictures and cheered. It was a great trip and hopefully I won't be doing any more of that kind of stuff until May when I leave for Ireland, because that shit is exhausting.

Here are a couple of blurry low light photos from the show and a sweet album cover shot of the Mystery Machine. Read more

Salt in the WRUP

Gotta say, it's looking too be a fairly demon heavy weekend. Or Demon-killing, rather.
Also send love to our resident old half-black and half-white wolf. He's got a real bad case of the very much not fun back issues :(

So don't forget to relax and enjoy the moments of quiet in your days off. And of course, kill more demons.

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