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Yo, yo, yo everyone! It’s your boy Dr. S [kill] bringing you another exciting episode of the WRUP straight to your balls! EYEBALLS! I MEAN EYEBALLS!

February has officially started and the G(ame)-Boys at Twinstiq are hard at work creating the freshest content [me] you can find on the webs, but don’t let your parents catch you reading it, because we are too dope for their old-timey minds! Haha!

Anyway, the weekend is super close and that means it’s time to play dem cray-cray games and party with your friends and go to church! I’m sure you are SOOOO EXCIIIIITED [please!] to share it with us, so don’t let me go all Kim Jong-un on your badonkadonks! PRAISE JESUS!


  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): i'm going to be dungeoneering in world of warcraft [gnomergan and the beginnings of scarlet monastery - i'm not a fan of how they've broken it up into "wings."] - that and some hearthstone along the way, which makes it a blizzard kind of weekend.  apart from that?  more space quest 4.  in which i _reallyreally_ steal a ship.  finally for my four in february, i'll be tackling more of shovel knight and banjo tooie.
  • Thomas (Twitter): Please, get me out of here! They are keeping me locked inside a room and play nothing but Christian hip-hop radio all the time. I just want to play some XCOM 2 for fucks sake.
  • Dante: Disgaea 5, Hearthstone, TF2 and I'd like to finish Strider this weekend for the #4iF.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Gonna start on my #4iF with Her Story. And since that shouldn't take very long I'll go ahead and restart/reboot/reset... Hard Reset as well :P
  • Scrooloose: Working on the #4if still. Velvet Assassin right now, next A Story About my Uncle, then War for the Overwold. Gonna be cutting it close since I'll be gone for a week helping Yoda0vgs move. But I'm gonna make it!
  • Matthew (Twitter): Getting cracking on my 4iF with Homeworld Deserts of Kharak but will also have some Xcom 2 time in there.
  • Andrew (12/12 Games): Will be putting the new Smash DLC characters through their paces (with a little assistance from my son). Also just picked up Nitroplus Blasterz on PS4 so I imagine I will give that a shot as well.


Well, we keep going from one sale to another. If it isn't the GOG winter sale or the Steam Christmas sale, then it's the Humble store sale. And I'm trying to avoid that particular sale because it's singing the siren song of Dark Souls.

And while I want to play Dark Souls, it'll open up the floodgates to terrible DRM. And we wouldn't want that :P

So, if you're participating in any of the sales going on [there's also a PSN store sale, I'm told] - why don't you tell us what you're playing or planning to play once you've done shopping?

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Happy new WRUP

Last WRUP of the year and I almost forgot. Should tell you something about the state Twinstiq has been in for the last couple of months :)

Makes me that much happier to still see some of you Joystiq guys visiting, writing and hanging out in our team chat (btw: if you are reading this and want to join the chat, let me know).

As I’ve said previously (somewhere), Twinstiq isn’t going away. We may not have provided the home most people wanted, but I’d like to imagine that we eased the transition into a Joystiq-less time for some. For me personally it re-opened a previously closed chapter in my life, at a time where, as it turns out, I really needed it. It led to me dipping my toes back into the muddy sewage that is gaming journalism which resulted in my personal highlight of the year: having my work printed in an actual physical magazine (although that’s still a month away) that I subscribed to 10 years ago and receiving the offer to do more paid work for them.
The dream of having Twinstiq making it “big” might be over, but maybe we can still create a home for people who are interested in gaming and who want to do something creative in that space? A tribute to Joystiq not by imitation, but by helping those who want to enrich our favorite pastime? A first step to maybe a professional career? How does that sound?


But what about you? What was your highlight this year? Or lowlight, if you’d like to share.

Oh, and what is everyone playing over the weekend of course?


  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): inca's over!  police quest 3 is over!  okami is not!  the hearthstone tavern brawl is pretty shruggy this week.  i just finished armada [which is an ok book.] - right now, i'm just between things.  lots of stuff is going to start up on sunday [a new sierra game!  other stuff!]
  • Scrooloose: Getting a start on Darksiders 2 Dethinitive Edition, I'd forgotten how cool those games are. I really hope the new owners of the Darksiders series (I believe it's Nordic Games) are able to bring out a 3rd installment. As I understand it, the Deathinitive Edition was a sort of experiment in people's continuing  interest in the series. Might also play some Victor Vran, or Leathal League.
  • Thomas (Twitter): No idea if I’ll actually have time for gaming, but if I do, it’s probably going to be DmC. Really not that bad and I really don’t understand all those “Dante is emo now! BOOOHOOOO” cries it received back when it came out.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): I'm also gonna try to hop into some more Victor Vran, really fun rpg looter. I also got Kerbal Space Program as a Christmas gift and have finally started digging into that, tons of fun but hard --I mean it is Rocket Science ;) -- Aside from that I'll prolly play some more matches of Dirty Bomb, had no exposure to this game until earlier this week and it's what I wanted CS:GO to be at launch. So yeah really surprised by how fun Dirty Bomb is and kinda wanna play it now.
  • Trish: Uhhhhh boobs! Boobs and gaming


And before I forget it: Happy new year everybody!


It's like Swordfish.

But not at all.

Hey, folks.  This is Greywolfe here, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of Twinstiq.  Given that it's holiday time, we've all basically gone fishing, but we'll be back.

While we've gone fishing, do feel free to tell us what you're playing!

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