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Uncharted 4 Has Surprisingly Detailed Face Animations

Uncharted 4's developers are raising the bar for facial animation. With twice the granularity in motion capture detail, more complex models, and finer skeletal control, expressions come across very convincingly. In an interview with GamesTM, Naughty Dog describes their achievement by comparing it to their well regarded hit, The Last of Us. "Think about that,…
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Doujin Shmup Genso no Rondo Coming to PS4

Touhou Project, a series of doujin (essentially Japanese indie) bullet hell shooters, is getting a big time release on the PS4 with Genso no Rondo. What makes this entry particularly innovative is the focus on one-on-one arena combat. Offering many tactical moves such as basic and advanced offensive barrages, special moves, bullet clearing abilities, dashing,…
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Sony Spending More on PlayStation

After shedding itself of the Vaio computer line, and eyeing an exit from the phone and television market, Sony must focus on their bread and butter to increase profits. Perhaps this is why at an annual shareholder meeting, they announced intentions to grow their investment in the PlayStation line of products and services. Sony will…
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