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Stuff I’m Looking Forward To

So I'm sitting here drinking a locally brewed Whisky Barrel Brown Ale thinking to myself about how I'm excited for some new games that are coming to PC soon; and just some games I don't have yet that are out already. I figured -Hey I'll write about that so we have something more than WRUP articles. Read more

WB Backpeddals on Shadow of War DLC

Okay so we've all heard a ton about this Shadow of War "Forthog" DLC and the really backhanded way WB decided to honor late executive producer Michael Forgey. I'll sum up real quick. The DLC is meant to honor Mr. Forgey by creating an allied Orc character with his visage that will show up and save the player from death here and there. WB originally set the DLC price at $4.99 with a portion of the money from sales going to the family of Mr. Forgey.

That sounded great on it's face and was probably actually a well intentioned move by the folks who genuinely loved the man. The problem is that the money from sales was only going to be donated from 43 of the 50 states in the U.S. and nowhere overseas while the rest just went into the already cavernous pockets of Warner. WB themselves had said that they would in no way profit from the sales of this DLC but that made no sense at all since the money collected for donation was going to be very limited. Where would the rest of that money go? That DLC couldn't have been prohibitively expensive to make, at least not so much that WB wouldn't make their money back on the numerous sales taking place outside the donation areas. Of course this knowledge sparked a fair amount of outrage including here in our own team space where much eye rolling and fist waving has taken place.

Well according to Polygon, WB has now decided to provide the Forthog DLC for free to everyone now and just make a donation to Mr. Forgey's family directly. Those who already purchased the DLC will receive a refund for the cost. Finally some good news from this whole thing. In all fairness, WB has owned up the mistake.

What do you guys think though? Was this a moment of realization for WB? Or was it just enough pressure and bad PR to make them shift their decision? Either way a pretty flawed and seemingly greedy move to make sales on the loss of a beloved producer and actual human person has been corrected. Whether it was intentionally designed that way or not.

Shadow Warrior is a Good Buy This Week

Steam's Midweek Madness sale is bringing a few nice deals as it usually does.

GTA 5 is on sale as is Armello and Skyrim, various Ubisoft titles etc. But the one that stands out me is 2016's Shadow Warrior 2. Not only is it really fun and inlaid with immature humor, but it's also only $20.00. I think that's worth the purchase by itself but on top of that the 2013 reboot of the original title is included in the sale for free. But wait there's more... making the deal even sweeter is the classic redux version of the game from 1990's at only $2.00.

Now just from personal experience I'll say that I liked the 2013 Shadow Warrior better than the 2016 sequel. They're both worth playing but Shadow Warrior 2 has a kind of weird Borderlands feeling to it with the loot system and questing. If you haven't played them though check out the sale because for $22.00 you can snap up three games that will satisfy your funny bone and your penchant for brutal violence against ninja demons.

From the 2013 game


Nier: Automata – Early Impressions

So I picked up Nier: Automata on release day without any prior experience with the Drakengard series or Nier. I had paid it mild attention when I started seeing early footage and then it went largely forgotten, lost behind my growing backlog of games yet to be played. When I started seeing footage of pre-release reviews and very early first impressions I began seeing what was so intriguing again. Then I learned that this game was being made by Platinum Games - I had all but decided this was going to be next on my list. Read more