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W.R.U.P The Bored Edition

I've been away for a week and the first thing I see on the front page is a very awkward yet appealing gluteus maximus, otherwise known as a 'butt'. Loved the article by the way Grey. Alright let's start this wrap up right by talking about a game that is on sale on Steam that might be a decent buy if you're looking for something to waste time on or even if you're looking for a new 'scratch that itch' game.

If you haven't already picked up Darkest Dungeon it might be the time.

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic rogue like turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Recruit, train, and lead a team of flawed heroes against unimaginable horrors, stress, famine, disease, and the ever-encroaching dark. Can you keep your heroes together when all hope is lost? - Steampage

Yes it is in early access, but this isn't one that's going to stay in early forever, from what I've read the game is close to release with only a few minor bumps to iron out. Also from the reviews being mostly positive I might actually snatch this one up too.

On a side note, I'd like to say that I've fallen to temptation. Yes, I, Tisnight have started playing Destiny. *Pauses as the audience screams in horror* Alright, calm down, it's actually not as bad as I was lead to believe but it's still not my cup of tea. Haven't been in a shooter mood as much I've been in a simulation mood, and that's where prison architect has been scratching my gaming itch.

But enough about me, what else is everyone playing?

Greywolfe(Youtube, Twitter): I've picked up from where i left off with Rex nebular, which probably means that I'm going to also pick up Inca once more.  i think that game is pretty close to being done, anyway.  World of Warcraft has me in another night elf zone trapped in some caves [again.] - and police quest 3 /just/ made me book a drunk guy.  i remember that there's a cut scene right after that that /actually/ gets the plot of the game moving [80/410 points later.] - other than that, I'm trying to play a bit of banjo-kazooie.  i dunno how that'll go.
Andrew(Twitter):Batman: Arkham City and Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition.
Dr.S(Thomas) (Dead)(Twitter): I will sit my strap my girlfriend to a chair and do bad things to her. Nah, nothing filthy, you swine! I'll let her play The Beginner's Guide, which put me already in a state of perpetual depression. Or is Assassin's Creed: Unity responsible for that? Playing Undertale probably isn't helping either. God, what am I doing to my fragile psyche?
Yoda0VGs (Twitter): More Dota and maybe some Battlefront if I can stop being cynical ;P
Dante: Hearthstone (this week's brawl is a lot of fun), TF2 and Dragon's Crown.


My thoughts exactly.

Alright guys I'm outta here.


Give me a W. Give me a R. Give me a U. Give me a P.

This week the WRUP falls to me because I have some exciting news coming your way and also because Dr. S is currently sick and passed out and I've stolen his computer (Mwhahaha). Next week is the Toronto Ontario Canada's FanExpo and I will be there attending it. What's so exciting about FanExpo you ask? Well let me let you in on a tiny secret. Video Game Demos! *Squee*

Alright let me compose myself here a tiny bit and give you a list of Demos that I'll be hopefully reporting on the week after.

  • Assasins Creed: Syndicate
  • Battleborn
  • Halo 5:Guardians
  • Disney Infinity 3.0
  • R6
  • StarWars: Battlefront
  • Lego Demiensions

And without a doubt my personal hopeful, Project Morpheus.

It's not just all about video games though, you can find yourself walking aisles and aisles of comicbooks, figurines, collectibles, treasures and more. There's table top games, costumes, and people everywhere that you can chat with. Are you an up and coming writer? Do you want to be an illustrator of some form? There's vendors from all over the globe that you can meet. If you do see me walking around in my Teemo hat next week while I'm in Toronto don't be afraid, stop by and say Hi!

Alright now, let's get down to the real reason we're all here. What's everyone playing this weekend?

  • Andrew(Twitter):In a Rockstar mood. Might replay Red Dead Redemption. Also, possibly some GTA IV (though I never beat that one). Oh, and some Mega Man Legacy Collection for good measure.
  • Danteg: I'll be playing the waiting game. I need my new ISP to get their installation done so I can get back online.
  • Thomas(Twitter): Too sick for gaming now, which sucks. I'll probably manage a round of solitaire though.
  • Greywolfe(Twitter,Youtube): Rex nebular:  I'm now out of the ship and exploring the planet.  it's a proto-larry game and from what i remember, things get silly from this point outward.  larry 5:  we're doing what i believe is the last Patti segment and then the game wraps up.  i could be wrong.  I've installed and played a bit of Wildstar, so maybe that, but my big pet project at the moment is leveling a guy in wow from scratch on a new server with no money or gear.  we'll see how that goes. There may come a point where the garrosh-ness and orc-ness of the game makes me just flip a table completely. Oh!  I'm also dithering around and messing with evoland 2.  so far, i quite like what I've played.
  • Tisnight(Twitch): Been playing a ton of Starcraft 2's arcade games, check out Solo Lottery Defense, a sort of weird tower defense where you set up your defenses by scratching lottery tickets, RNG is a bitch!
  • Yoda0VGs(Twitter):Back on the multiplayer gaming fix. My inner masochist will be continuing to put another 300 hours into Dota while the idiot in me will be hoping back and forth between a few different MMOs until one.... stiqs  :smile:
  • Hasenpffefer(Steve): Planning, planning and hearthstone. Also more planning.

Games you’ve probably never heard of: Glory of Heracles

Before we get started with this epic tale, let's set the mood a little, shall we? About 3 years ago during one of the big Black Friday sales, I was at a local Wal-mart with all the other crazy people in the world.  It was around 5 A.M. and I was searching through their generous section of games and movies that was kept conveniently cordoned off until a specific time happened. As I was let in with a group of 15 people, I had five minutes to look through and find other deals that weren't listed within the ad.

My eyes searched through the racks that were rapidly losing stock, because people were out for deals. They saw a cheap price and were grabbing like crazy. It was then that I saw... it.

A DS game sitting on top of the racks that someone had picked up and sat back down. A big $5 sticker just on top of the name. I thought hell, for five bucks if I get an hour out of it, I've gotten my moneys worth, and I hadn't even looked at the name yet. My time ended and I left the area with a handful of TV shows, as well as a couple titles for my 360. After paying and walking out, I traveled home because this was the last stop on my journey through crazy.

Several hours later, after getting a bit of rest, I shuffled to my spoils of war and pulled out this DS game that had tickled my fancy. Tearing off the plastic wrap the title unfolded.

Courtesy of AwesomeCurry

Okay, so I bought Glory of Heracles. Now what the hell was it? An rpg? How about a fighting game? Excitedly I popped the game and this greated me:

A JRPG, this was the game I had picked up. I had been searching for something to entertain me, but was this going to knock my socks off, or was I just going to play the first 20 minutes of it and give up like I had with a few previous titles?

Video and Picture courtesy of IGN

When you gain control of the first character you go through the ever dreaded and mostly skipped training. The controls were easy enough. You set a front or back position and tap to attack. Of course as any good RPG continues through its story, you gain control of more and more characters. The front line position became more dedicated to melee and tank like characters, while the back holds your ranged.

Each character comes with their own little side story, though the main character, who you initially name, can not remember who he is or where he came from.

As the game continues, it draws you in, but not just by the story. Each character brings a new aspect to the battle as well. Soon you have to collect elements to be able to cast magic, and learn to rotate the battlefield to balance out what type of attackers you encounter. This game keeps you on your toes. Once in a while you have to solve puzzles to continue to newer zones.

Eventually you find out that you have been sent to foil an evil plot that will end the world. The titles like 'Glory of Heracles' would suggest, the game does include a bit of Greek Mythology, which is always a plus for me. (Bit of a History buff) I don't want to give away too much of the story line because if this article has given you any interest it's always better to discover it on your own.

I spent the better part of a week trying to push through to the end, because I had been craving a game such as this. My five dollar find actually turned out to be more than what I had hoped for. It took a total of about 28 hours on and off to complete the game from start to finish.

Overall it was entertaining. Not necessarily a must have, but enough to scratch an itch. For a first generation DS title, it most assuredly was a graphically stunning game.

Today Glory of Heracles still has a price tag of about $20 USD at most retailers, though you can grab a used copy off Amazon for about $4 USD. If you do ever see this game in a resale shop for under $10 I would grab it. Definitely will get your moneys worth.

~As Always

Blizzard at Gamescom: The big reveal!


Blizzard Entertainment announced its next expansion for World of Warcraft at Gamescom, and it left me a bit not necessarily underwhelmed but close to it.

World of Warcraft: Legion follows the current story that Warlords of Draenor started by having the ever hated Gul'dan unleash the 'Burning Legion' or some really bad demon guys who have been around well, forever.

To make a long story short, for multiple expansions, as well as the original game 'Warcraft' was mostly dedicated to the Burning Legion trying to invade and take over the world. This legion was created by the titan Sargeras, who like most of the big characters in the Warcraft universe started off essentially good, but overtime turned out to be pretty bad. *Cough*Neltharion*Cough*

This expansion follows suit by continuing the fight against the hordes of armies that Sargeras controls.With the help of some friends new and old we can overcome any obstacle sent at us. But what does this expansion really bring for us?

1. We get a new 'Hero Class'!

Much like Death Knights in Wrath of the Lich King, Legion brings us the Demon Hunter. No, not Diablo's style demon hunter, the Illidan Stormrage type.

Yeah, that guy, The Betrayer, the one who carried the ever famous war-glaives.

Demon Hunters, who have long been locked away in the Vault of the Wardens are called upon to help fight against the Legion. The class itself has multiple different customizations when being created, and since they are a Hero Class they will start at a very high level to allow players to level with their friends. This also allows for people to hit speed up to level cap and do raids and dungeons right away.

There will be two specs for this class.

Vengence - The Tank Spec

Havoc - DPS Spec

Not all the skills have been released for this class, but more information will be revealed later.

2. The broken Isles

10,000 years before The Sundering an unknown elven land was sitting off into the distance, when the land broke it forged the broken isles which holds the tomb of Sargeras. With the help of Gul'dan the Broken Isles is turned into the biggest war zone that has ever come to Azeroth.

Each zone has it's own major story line, and is discussed here in Blizzards Gamescon presentation.

3. Ancient Weapons

These are class specific weapons that each player has a chance to get.

Maw of the Damned is the Death Knight specific weapons and it doesn't end there!

The AshBringer, this weapon has been around since WoW's original release. Players know this weapon, they fought for this weapon, and they  did whatever they could to get it before it was taken out of the game.

Now each one of these weapons has customizations, meaning, they can be enchanted with runes to upgrade the damage or other specs of the weapon, and also it can have other visual depictions of the same weapon.

4, Level Cap of 110

As of right now the current level cap is 100. Pretty self explanatory, you get an expansion, you level and then start farming dungeons.

5. New Dungeons and Raids

Tons of new dungeons, according to the conference the devs are working on having a relatively large number of dungeons compared to the last expansions so the players will have more to do. This includes level up dungeons as well as level cap dungeons.

So far two Raids have been announced, the first being The Emerald Nightmare, and the second Suramar Palace where the final boss will definitely be Gul'dan.

6. Class-specific Order Halls and followers

This one is a bit on the fence, I don't want to say time management style, but at the same time I want to say time management. Until more details surface about what is actually done with your followers I'm going to leave it at this.

  • You lead the Class Order.
  • Order Halls are a base of operations for your class. You share them with other players of your class. Only members of your class can enter this area, similar to the Death Knight starting area.
  • Halls will be located in thematically appropriate areas.
  • Shamans in a cave near the Maelstrom.
  • Paladins will be under Light's Hope Chapel.
  • Warlocks will be on a Legion Portal World.
  • You get special quests and work on your Artifact weapon here.
  • Your Hall has Champions, an evolution of the followers. This time around you aren't raising an army, but a small group. Some will be established characters. There will be more integration with the world. They won't do things instead of you, but help you to accomplish things. They discover an area for you to investigate. You work alongside them and with them rather than sending them out on missions. ( summary)

7. Revamped PvP progression system

  • Prestige Ranks - You can reset your honor level and do it again for cosmetic rewards. This is extra rewards for players that do a lot of PvP.

8. Improved transmogrification system (More Information coming later)

9. Improved social features (More Information coming later)

If you would like to see a full transcript visit here.


I feeling like there somethings missing from this expac and I can't quite put a finger on it. I mean, according to lore, Blizzard is actually doing okay, though some of the things like Archmage Khadgar having Mediv's legendary staff Atiesh, and having yet to be explained still bother me apparently. For everyone else, I've seen nothing but complaints about reusing old models and Blizzard getting lazier as time goes on. Well honestly, in my opinion, what other game has lasted this long? Maybe the guys working are finally starting to realize that even with each expansion they are losing more of a customer base then they wanted to.

Maybe this is just a precaution, yes they are still producing content, but instead of being such an attention getter to a new crowd their trying to keep who still believe in the game interested and active. No matter what they have a fan base and for the guys to come out and say, "We're still doing what we love, but we had to make a few changes." Might be just breathe of fresh air to everybody.

As for me, I'm probably still going to pick of the Collector's Edition like I have done with every since Blizzard game, but it seems like I might not be anywhere as serious about raiding or instancing like I have in the past, and surely I can see myself taking a hiatus for awhile until I grow bored and six months later activate my account again.

Until more details come out I'm outta here.

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