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Ubisoft’s New Driver Game Splashes Down This April on Mobile

John Tanner's tasked with taking down the mafia in the new mobile outing set to release April 2015.  Ditching the traditional gameplay of previous entries, you'll be racing in his upgradeable boat, performing stunts, jumping off ramps, and drifting through turns. Ubisoft emphasizes realistic physics and dynamic waves in the new free-to-play game.  Perhaps Ubisoft…
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Halo 5 Reveal on Sunday

343 Industries' Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor has tweeted the address to a Tumblr page with a Halo 5-labeled countdown, set to presumably reveal new information on the game this Sunday. Launching this fall, Halo 5's campaign focuses on Spartan Locke, a new central character whose mission is to hunt down Master Chief.  This isn't…
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No, this isn’t about fun. It’s an acronym. For what? Take a guess... But what’s everybody playing? Greywolfe (@lostwolfe, YouTube): the dig, quest for glory 2 and shovel knight.  i'm not sure if i'll even try hand of fate again for a bit.  that game and i are starting to have relationship issues. Andrew J…
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Take-Two CEO Also Chairman of ESRB raises a question about the legitimacy of the ESRB's ratings, as they submit that the fact he's also CEO of Take-Two poses a conflict of interest. Citing the fact that ratings for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and GTA: San Andreas were suspect based on content that went undisclosed to the ratings board, the Gamesindustry…
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