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Falling for the New and Shiny

Have you ever found yourself trying over and over to get into a game series that has a huge following, but you just cannot feel the magic? I'm debating whether to get Bloodborne or not. Just hitting stores today, it's getting sky high review scores and forums are teeming with comments saying that the PlayStation…
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Security breach at Twitch

Seems like Twitch had a bit of a security hiccup. In a recent Blog post, Twitch mentioned that some user account information may have been accessed by people who weren’t authorized to do so. There is no information yet on who those people were, but they could have gathered quite a bit of information from…
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Wishful thinking?

As I mentioned earlier this weekend in the WRUP, I decided to pull out the big guns (literally) and play through Red Dead Redemption on my Xbox 360 again. I was about to hit halfway through the game, when I ended up watching the complete 'Dollars Trilogy' (A Fistful of dollars,…
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You Are Merely A Dollar Symbol

Words by Greywolfe Gaming is expensive, this much is a fact, but the industry is making it far worse through various means. Some of which I want to document here, but most of which I basically want to rail against, because...well, we’ve already established that I’m an old fart, and these new pricing models need…
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