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You Are Merely A Dollar Symbol

Words by Greywolfe Gaming is expensive, this much is a fact, but the industry is making it far worse through various means. Some of which I want to document here, but most of which I basically want to rail against, because...well, we’ve already established that I’m an old fart, and these new pricing models need…
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Saturday Giveaway: Jazzpunk

Giveaway season starts now and oooh, what a start. Do you like Jazz? Do you like Punk? No? Who cares, you will still enjoy Jazzpunk!This quirky adventure walking simulator brainf*** by Necrophone has it all: Hands, sticks, hands on sticks.No idea what i'm talking about? Then enjoy this Trailer instead: Even more confused than…
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Ubisoft’s New Driver Game Splashes Down This April on Mobile

John Tanner's tasked with taking down the mafia in the new mobile outing set to release April 2015.  Ditching the traditional gameplay of previous entries, you'll be racing in his upgradeable boat, performing stunts, jumping off ramps, and drifting through turns. Ubisoft emphasizes realistic physics and dynamic waves in the new free-to-play game.  Perhaps Ubisoft…
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