Author: Cody Hall

Still impatiently waiting for a Tak reboot.

NonStiq: Star Wars Speculation Part 1

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is currently my third favorite Star Wars film. Of course Empire sits at number one, but the original film still barely beats out JJ’s crack at the franchise for me. That is the most I will say about how much I like the film, despite the flaws it has (most minor, some major) I will do my best to refrain writing a review of TFA until the Blu Ray is made available. So why are you here reading this? Well I wanted to explore some of the new cannon that we have from the film and what could come, or be answered in Episode VIII. I’ll be looking into three things that most intrigue me, but there are many more I won’t have time for. So let's head back to a galaxy far, far away, and speculate like a bunch of nerds! (Needless to Say, TFA Spoilers Follow)

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Top 5 Games With The Best Cast of Characters

2015 had games with incredible stories and narratives thanks to the well written, well animated, and when necessary, well voice acted characters. This list celebrates 5 of Best Casts of Characters gaming had to offer this year, voted by over 200 survey participants. So no complaints about the results allowed!

This list will also show the result of the single most memorable character from all of the games in the survey.

So without further ado, let's dive in and find out what casts of characters we will be remembering from this year!

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Yoda’s Top 5 Games of the Year List

2015 was a fantastic year for games, and quite a few excellent titles made it onto this list. These are the 5 games that stood out to me the most in order from Great to my pick for Game of the Year. There are however quite a few titles that I’m sure as just as great that came out this year and if you want to hear about the top 5 games I wish I played as well as some other Twinstiq contributor’s most memorable games of the year, check out our holiday special podcast here! Without further ado, let’s take a look at my Top 5 Games of 2015.

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Non-Stiq: The Force Awak-ictions Possible Plot by Yoda0VGs

Ok, so we’ve seen tons of trailers and the anticipation for Episode 7 of everyone's favorite epic space opera franchise is through the roof. I’ve avoided any spoilers and major plot details that 3rd party publication have either leaked or discussed, and since tomorrow (the 17th) I finally get to become lost in the 4th Star Wars film I’ve seen in theaters (‘91 baby here), I figured I should write out what i think will happen in the film before I see it. While i may not actually have the clairvoyance of the real Yoda, I do want to warn anyone from reading any further if you do not want any possible spoilers if I happen to be right about anything in the film. So, let’s make our attack run on this things plot...

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