Monthly Archives: October 2017

I’m running out of WRUP

Season of games continues, so let’s not keep you guys from sharing. Ok ok, fine… I just want to get back to playing more Golf Story.   So, what is everyone playing over the weekend?   Thomas: Since I won’t be home, more Switch. Golf Story, Stardew, Mario & Rabbids… Scroo: Still working on Divinity…
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Stuff I’m Looking Forward To

So I'm sitting here drinking a locally brewed Whisky Barrel Brown Ale thinking to myself about how I'm excited for some new games that are coming to PC soon; and just some games I don't have yet that are out already. I figured -Hey I'll write about that so we have something more than WRUP…
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This WRUP again

And so it began, the season of despair. The season of broken piggy banks and neglected relationships. The season of AAA video game releases. Destiny 2 came, stayed and comes again in 2 weeks when the PC version releases and I finally get my hands on it. The EA Sports shit is out, Xbox finally…
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