Month: September 2017

WRUP is this all good for?

Took them long enough, but WB Games is finally in damage control mode. At the same time a shitstorm is hitting Austrian politics, because our social democratic party hired a PR guy who then created false-flag racist and anti-semitic FB pages. How the fuck are we still a thing? How did the human species survive all this time? Maybe Kim and Trump should hurry up some more and end our reign over this planet, because the level of incompetence we show each and every day is just too much for me.

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WB Backpeddals on Shadow of War DLC

Okay so we've all heard a ton about this Shadow of War "Forthog" DLC and the really backhanded way WB decided to honor late executive producer Michael Forgey. I'll sum up real quick. The DLC is meant to honor Mr. Forgey by creating an allied Orc character with his visage that will show up and save the player from death here and there. WB originally set the DLC price at $4.99 with a portion of the money from sales going to the family of Mr. Forgey.

That sounded great on it's face and was probably actually a well intentioned move by the folks who genuinely loved the man. The problem is that the money from sales was only going to be donated from 43 of the 50 states in the U.S. and nowhere overseas while the rest just went into the already cavernous pockets of Warner. WB themselves had said that they would in no way profit from the sales of this DLC but that made no sense at all since the money collected for donation was going to be very limited. Where would the rest of that money go? That DLC couldn't have been prohibitively expensive to make, at least not so much that WB wouldn't make their money back on the numerous sales taking place outside the donation areas. Of course this knowledge sparked a fair amount of outrage including here in our own team space where much eye rolling and fist waving has taken place.

Well according to Polygon, WB has now decided to provide the Forthog DLC for free to everyone now and just make a donation to Mr. Forgey's family directly. Those who already purchased the DLC will receive a refund for the cost. Finally some good news from this whole thing. In all fairness, WB has owned up the mistake.

What do you guys think though? Was this a moment of realization for WB? Or was it just enough pressure and bad PR to make them shift their decision? Either way a pretty flawed and seemingly greedy move to make sales on the loss of a beloved producer and actual human person has been corrected. Whether it was intentionally designed that way or not.

WRUP Destiny

Well Destiny 2 is out. Yoda streamed some of the beta pretty recently and it looks like it's much better than it's preceding title. Of course there's microtransaction controversy which is a plague for full priced AAA titles that's not likely to go away any time soon. I don't have it, not sure I will have it but if you're playing it let us know how it is. If you're not playing that then what are you playing?

Dr. S: won't be around this weekend, so probably some Mario & Rabbids on the Switch

Greywolfe: exploring all the stories of stories. plus, some more dream daddy - starting out on the first couple of routes from my list. larry 6 is...going. it's larry and it's terrible and i wish my eyes didn't bleed every time i played it. and, finally, more kyrandia 2. the plot twist is slowly arriving. :)

Andrew: China Warrior! (And also those games I said I was going to play last weekend but never got a chance to.)

Scrooloose: Well I finished Dawn of War III and I'm still working in Prey slowly. I also installed and started Bayonetta and I can imagine I'll enjoy it's ridiculousness quite a lot. Platinum sure knows how to make an action game.

Yoda: Gonna clock in some Rocksmith and see if I can get through a round of XCom2 without people dying lol I've also been really liking Paragon, and I may have to do a write up on it soon

WRUP with no name

Gaming wise, this has been a really good week again, like so many this year. XCOM 2 got a great add-on, the new Rock of Ages is really fun, we got a new Yakuza, Absolver seems to be fun if you can get into it and there is so much more. But life is not just gaming and while 2017 is a great year for the thing we like to talk about here, it certainly isn’t for much else.

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