Month: August 2017

The M.P.C.P.M.O.A.T.H.I.K.M.A.I.A.W.T.D.F.A. Wrup

It's all in this super cryptic title....

Anyway, what is everyone playing over the weekend?

Thomas: Got myself a copy of Final Fantasy 12 HD so I might give that a go. Or some Splatoon 2, because the Switch is a less effective heat dispenser compared to my PC or PS4 Pro. That said, the Switch Tablet does get extremely hot while playing Splatoon 2 docked, more so than during Zelda or any other Title I've played on it so far.

Wolfe: final fantasy v:  four job fiesta continues.  mainly, i'm just doing grinding.  it turns out that the first part of the game is the only part where you can get elemental staves.  after that, they're gone forever and so far, my party has no real way of inflicting electricity/electrical damage.  so...i guess i have to get a ton of those.  i'm getting back into quest for glory 3.  this week has been stat bumping week with a little bit of story glued to the tail end, but the story IS moving again.  as for child of light, it sort of looks like it's winding down.  i've already had one "near-ending" where the game looked like it was over, so i feel like we're close.

AJ: Reacquainting myself with GOG. I see they've gotten some interesting new stuff in the past 2 or 3 months.

Scroo: I think just the usual for me. I haven't had a lot of time in The Surge this week sadly, so I'm hoping to remedy that and get a video or two up on the LP channel. Of course more Vermintide and maybe a few more rounds of Rocket League as well -- which still has an egregious problem with leavers that still goes 100% unpunished. That's why I stopped playing to begin with so far back now, but as long as I have friends that want to party up on matches I'll be down. You know, there's even a microtransaction system now with crates that drop during online wins. They can contain everything from special wheels and cars to rocket trails and skins and in lots of ways that's cool because there's all this new stuff but the other side of coin is that they can only be 'opened' by buying a key. I feel like I should write about this actually instead of putting it all here...

Cody: Gonna see how much Rocksmith my arm can take in between DMC and Rocketleague and Watching the Dota 2 International