Month: July 2017


I originally wanted to talk about the new Prey here (which is overall pretty good and totally worth playing), or more specific how it’s ending is an absolute failure thanks to it playing it way too save despite having a rather complicated setup, but I guess no one here has finished it so… Go and play Prey (2017)! Read more

The Surge: Itch Scratching For Souls players – A Review From Scroo

So back in May this year I started paying attention to a pretty intriguing new title that was commonly billed as a Cyberpunk Dark Souls. I looked at web sites, I watched trailers and kept an eye on forums and soon beyond a shadow of a doubt I knew that The Surge was for me. Read more

Wildfire WRUP

Well here I am again writing a WRUP and since I'm super close to this Detwiler Fire here in CA, that I'm sure people are hearing about on the news etc I figured I make that the subject. Below is a link to the current burn area. It'll take you away from this site but it's worth seeing. Something like twice the size of San Fransisco or nearly 80 square miles. Which is huge but when compared to the Rim Fire in 2013 which was something like 400 square miles it's easy to think that things could be much worse.

Luckily for us around the town of Mariposa the evacuation orders have been lifted as of yesterday the 21st so folks can get back to work and their homes that they've had to leave behind for the last four or five days. Now they've got to deal with things like a fridge full of spoiled food and dead or dying plants and perhaps missing animals in the form of livestock and household pets. And worse like those fifty plus in the immediate area who've lost their homes entirely.

I live about 12 miles outside of town and wasn't evacuated thankfully but the lines were withing just a couple of miles from my home and the road I live on was on notice for a couple of days. We're not out of the woods yet as this thing keeps growing and I'm seeing numbers like 75,000 acres and 25% overall containment (as of the time of this writing) but out here it's just slowed down and isn't moving very quickly. That doesn't mean if the wind picks up it won't charge up the ridge again and frankly that's still pretty scary. To those in the surrounding areas of Coulterville, Greely Hill and Cathey's Valley who are still not allowed to go home and may not even know if they have one any more, I feel you and we all here Twinstiq and our friends wish you the best.

And to settle the word that national news seems to be putting out there and people are misuderstanding, no the fire is not in Yosemite. It's about 30 miles from there actually, just lots of smoke there in the valley. The reports are just using Yosemite as a point of recognition for those who've never heard of our area here. In fact Yosemite actually burns fairly regularly and it's national park so it's usually just allowed to do so with no interference aside from structure protection. It's just nature being nature in those cases normally, lightning strikes and the like.

On a lighter note This is a WRUP so what are you playing this weekend anyway?

Greywolfe: more final fantasy v: four job fiesta. my game got a little held up there while i ground out time magic, but that's all done. heading toward the third crystal. apart from that? more child of light. i've hit a weird wall where i have to kill these spiders, but the damage output is a bit...crazy. so i'm possibly going to have to level up a little? i'm not sure. although, that game doesn't /really/ work like that, exactly. also, more etherlords 2. finishing up the green people's campaign before giving it a short break. and FINALLY, dream daddy is with us. beat it once. it's pretty neat. i'm SO glad someone's attempting to make a game with non-stereotypical characters. it's completely refreshing to see. some good stuff, there. :)

Scrooloose: Well I got power back at about 8:30'ish Wednesday night after being without for about 30 hours from this effing crazy Detwiler Fire out here. Three entire towns have been evacuated now so lots of people have it much worse than I have and I hope everyone's okay. I haven't been evacuated myself but it's come pretty close. Haven't had much sleep for a couple of days but now that the power is back it's a good sign that our danger level has decreased significantly. Anyway hopefully I'll be playing games again this weekend in between helping friends get back to normal and if so, more of The Surge and Vermintide as well as continuing with Galak-Z. Hopefully by the time this WRUP is posted the news will be better.

Andrew: Still more Breath of the Wild. I finally figured out that I could use one of the amiibos I already owned to get a traditional Link outfit. Now it feels like a proper Zelda game.

Yoda: Well I hit that skill wall in DMC. Might lower the difficulty and go back,later but for now I'm enjoying the turn based nature of Wasteland 2 :)

Thomas (Who is a bit late to the party, but thats fine, because Scroo does a better job anyway!): After an exhausting 2 weeks, I spent all of yesterday in Prey and loved it. I was originally a bit worried, thinking it might be a bit too spooky for my taste, but it basically is Bioshock. Tense, atmospheric, but not focused on scaring you. Might also play some Splatoon 2, since that's out.


  1. We now have internet connected padlocks that can’t be opened if the battery runs dry, rereleases of 25 year old consoles that are sold out months before they go on sale anBUGS! A GIANT BUG! For fucks sake… a giant bug just flew in my face -.- I hate 2017.

So, what is everyone playing over the weekend?

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Moday Ind-WRUP-endence

What a bad title for this WRUP...

Well I was out of town helping Yoda move to his new place. Trulegendkiller was also there for a bit and of course Yoda, with a freshly broken arm and no internet for a few days yet to come. So we couldn't post a WRUP. I don't know anyone else's excuse around here is for not getting one done. Eh, well I'm sorry on behalf of the crew for not living up to expectations.

But, here in the states it's a holiday weekend for lots of folks so maybe it's not too-too late. On the way home today I heard some statistics for fireworks related injury during this time of year. Just over 10,000 people nation wide end up in the hospital with various wounds from unsafe fireworks handling. The number seems low to me actually considering the tendency to consume alcohol while lighting hand held explosives. I agreed with the radio personality who made the comment that Florida alone should be like 50,000...

Have a safe fourth!

What has everyone played this weekend?

Greywolfe: child of light and shovel knight.

Scrooloose: Well I'm going to be out of town this weekend so probably no games for me. Sadly that means we get yet another Game Club delay but we'll make it up. More Vermintide and The Surge though when I get back and of course Galak-Z for Game Club.

Yoda: Gonna play the "Wait Six Weeks till my frail body can Move like a Human is supposed to Again Game"

Trulegendkiller: (You've been playing Steep, I know cause I was there) I'll be playing Galak-Z, and more Persona 5.

Andrew: Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure

He's been playing Road Rash AR (actual reality)

Truelegendkiller: ohhh sick burn brosefeno!

Yoda: -.- I'll start posting Road Rash pics you bastards!! Don't think I wont!!!