Monthly Archives: July 2017


I originally wanted to talk about the new Prey here (which is overall pretty good and totally worth playing), or more specific how it’s ending is an absolute failure thanks to it playing it way too save despite having a rather complicated setup, but I guess no one here has finished it so… Go and…
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The Surge: Itch Scratching For Souls players – A Review From Scroo

So back in May this year I started paying attention to a pretty intriguing new title that was commonly billed as a Cyberpunk Dark Souls. I looked at web sites, I watched trailers and kept an eye on forums and soon beyond a shadow of a doubt I knew that The Surge was for me.…
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We now have internet connected padlocks that can’t be opened if the battery runs dry, rereleases of 25 year old consoles that are sold out months before they go on sale anBUGS! A GIANT BUG! For fucks sake… a giant bug just flew in my face -.- I hate 2017. So, what is everyone playing…
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