Monthly Archives: June 2017

too hot to wrup

I hate summer and I hate my flat.   Thomas: Anything I'd play on my PC or console would just increase the temps in my flat even more and it's already a sauna, so maybe some Switch stuff while taking refuge in my fridge. Grey: i'd like to say that i have been/will be productive,…
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Post Wrup 3

Did everyone get through E3 alive? If so, tell us about your personal highlights. Who “won”? Who “lost”? Is PS VR epic, or is it just great? So many important questions… But the most important of all: What are you playing over the weekend? (more…)
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WRUP Word of the Day

It's getting hot around here these days and probably where you are too if you live in the northern hemisphere. It's times like this that make me want to sit indoors under the cooler and brush up on my vocabulary so I can hold intelligent conversations with people who are real smart. Lucky for myself…
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