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WRUP: Automata

After Scroo's review of Nier: Automata I've finally decided to jump into it and even though I'm still at my first playthrough, it's already charming me to death. It's such a weird and unique experience from an atmosphere and story POV, yet offers a very solid gameplay experience (that's also an interesting and unique mix…
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Wat Rrrrrrrrrrrrr U? Plain   Thomas: Switch stuff. Cody: Playing house host! That's it :P Scroo: Out of town this weekend so I probably won't be playing anything much. But more NieR when I get home and The Dig for game club. So far that's been very engaging.
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NieR: Automata – Holy S**T This is Awesome – A Review From Scroo

Well the headline says it, I love this game. "But why Scroo? We need to know." I hear none of you asking but I'm going to tell you anyway. Below is my review for yet another game I played and praise a lot. (more…)
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