Month: April 2016

Endgame Review: The Hunger Games. Now With More Transmedia Synergy.

This is going to be a cynical review.

Because this book is cynicism personified.

As a computer science major, years ago, I had a pair of classes that were about writing.  Very specifically, in order to become a Doctor of Science you had to write a research paper.  We had two very different classes with two very different lecturers for those classes.  The first - and most vital subject was called Research Methodology.  That guy hated us.  He didn't get tenure and he was frustrated at us and everything around him.  So he set crazy rules for every essay we ever wrote.

The second guy was way more mellow.  That particular class was Thesis Writing.  Both of these two classes combined went together to form our Thesis Project and one of the very few lessons that stuck with me came from very early in the writing cycle:  If you're writing a Thesis, you NEVER write from the conclusion backward.  Never.

You set up a working hypothesis.  You devise tests for the hypothesis.  You analyse the data.  In short, you make sure that you're surprised in the end so that your conclusion isn't a foregone thing.

But some writers don't like that approach.  It's time-consuming.  There's so much you have to do to arrive at a completely novel [or at least unexpected] result.  All those tests you have to devise?  They take time.  All that analysis?  Why bother? Read more

No WRUP today

No WRUP today, Dr. S has gone away

The site stands forlorn, not a symbol but a yawn

No WRUP today, it’s not a common sight

But John made me sad, I wish that I was dead


How could he know just how much pressure is on me

He wrote such a great WRUP, something about meme

You probably realized, this didn’t even rhyme

But it’s not like I get paid a dime


No WRUP today, I better give up now

I don’t feel inspired and there is a twitch in my brow


Should I maybe quit doing this altogether

It’s not like I was super active recently

Depression is clearly not a tether

As proven by me.



ah, fuck it... what is everyone playing over the weekend?

  • Greywolfe (Twitter, YouTube): now that i'm back:  hearthstone!  magic!  [they're releasing the new set for magic pretty soon] - king's quest 6!  in which i'll actually start playing the actual game!  and my secret shame.  well, ok.  it's not secret because i talk about it nearly every weekend:  gateway!  and of course, some world of warcraft leveling.  i'm at 40 now.  20 more levels to go.
  • Scrooloose: Still going strong in Marvel Heroes, man that's been fun. Also going to try out the Orcs Must Die: Unchained, open beta and see how it is. Loved those games.
  • Yoda0VGs (Twitter): Well the Open Beta for BattleBorn will be around soon, so too brush up on my shooting skills (or lack thereof) I'm going to play another Hero Shooter that I like, Dirty Bomb! Maybe some more Marvel or Dota to mix it up as well.
  • Matthew: Maybe some Division but not much of anything, going to be doing a new PC build and then trying to get caught up on work.
  • John: Ain't nobody got time for that
  • Thomas (Twitter): Dick. No, not nothing. I will fiddle my diddle over the weekend. Glad I could share that with you.
  • Andrew (12/12 Games): Yoshi's Island and Twilight Princess
  • Dante: I have no idea what to play next. Never Alone was way too short. Perhaps I'll keep on playing Disgaea's endgame.