Monthly Archives: December 2015

Happy new WRUP

Last WRUP of the year and I almost forgot. Should tell you something about the state Twinstiq has been in for the last couple of months :) Makes me that much happier to still see some of you Joystiq guys visiting, writing and hanging out in our team chat (btw: if you are reading this…
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It's like Swordfish. But not at all. Hey, folks.  This is Greywolfe here, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of Twinstiq.  Given that it's holiday time, we've all basically gone fishing, but we'll be back. While we've gone fishing, do feel free to tell us what you're playing!…
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Non-Stiq: The Force Awak-ictions Possible Plot by Yoda0VGs

Ok, so we’ve seen tons of trailers and the anticipation for Episode 7 of everyone's favorite epic space opera franchise is through the roof. I’ve avoided any spoilers and major plot details that 3rd party publication have either leaked or discussed, and since tomorrow (the 17th) I finally get to become lost in the 4th Star Wars film I’ve seen in theaters (‘91 baby here), I figured I should write out what i think will happen in the film before I see it. While i may not actually have the clairvoyance of the real Yoda, I do want to warn anyone from reading any further if you do not want any possible spoilers if I happen to be right about anything in the film. So, let’s make our attack run on this things plot...
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