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A look at “Satoru Iwata’s Life Story” by George Weidman

Satoru Iwata died almost a month ago, and while we tried to talk about it on some occasions, I’ve never been quite happy with the way we did. I didn’t grow up with a Nintendo. My first Nintendo home console was actually the Wii. I knew him and his work mostly from those lovely Nintendo Direct conferences, but those never painted the whole picture, especially his roots and motivations.

New Steam Store Releases: Legend of Kay

10-year-old PlayStation 2 platformer Legend of Kay has come to the Steam Store this week. Nordic Games has rereleased the game for modern platforms as a remastered anniversary edition. For those unaware, Legend of Kay is a martial arts themed action adventure game that takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals. Also out this week, the video…
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Billy C Plays Magic Duels: Origins

We've just added a new video to our Let's Play channel on YouTube, and this time it's me playing Magic Duels: Origins. It's a Magic the Gathering game in every way, think Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers mixed with Hearthstone for its free to play model. This video is just some PVE Story…
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