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New Steam Store Releases: Trine 3

All things considered, Trine 3 is my pick for top Steam release of the past week. There were a few close contenders, though. There were also a few higher profile releases that just didn't quite measure up for one reason or another. The honorable mentions go to Velocity 2X, Volume, and Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings.…
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Gamescom 2015: The History behind Mount & Blade, Part 2

After the release of the first entry in 2008, which we covered last time, TaleWorlds continued listening to feedback from the community and in 2010 it was time for Mount & Blade: Warband, a sort of semi-sequel.
At a quick look, it didn’t offer many new features: Slightly fancier graphics, a new faction, some UI improvements. Peek deeper though, and you’ll find a first step towards a tutorial. A scripted mission, guiding you into this new world you are about to explore (without pulling any punches along the way, at least for people new to the series). A bit deeper even, and you’ll find a still lacking, but at least now existing political system, allowing you to build relationships with one of the many lords, kings and queens. And then finally the option to start your very own faction. All of these changes and additions in Warband were certainly needed and the singleplayer experience was a much better one for it, but wait a second… why did I just deliberately name drop singleplayer, you might wonder.

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Opinion: Why I’m Not Crazy About The Direction Microsoft Are Headed With Windows 10.

Words by Greywolfe We've kind of established that I don't play very many modern games at all. Some part of this is indifference. A lot of modern gaming tropes seem to boil down to "kill all the things," but a lot of it has to do with the fact that games made over the last…
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