Month: July 2015

Humble Jumbo Bundle 4

There's a new Humble Jumbo Bundle in town. Pay one dollar and you'll get Mercenary Kings, Outland and Fallen Enchantress. Pay above the average, $4.20 as of this writing, and you'll also get critic's favorite The Stanley Parable along with Endless Space and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2. If you want to go the extra mile you could pay $18 or more and also get Space Engineers (Early Access).More games will be added to the bundle next Tuesday.


Steam Sale Aftermath: AVGN Adventures

This time on Steam Sale Aftermath we'll talk about the game where the hero is the man who's gonna take you back to the past.
The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Video Game is an action packed platformer in the style of 8-bit classic Mega Man. You're going to have to excuse me with all the Mega Man comparisons but it shares a lot with it. For instance, when you start the game you go to a world select screen where you'll choose on of eight different ones. There's a lot of variety in the levels, each of them reminding us of AVGN lore. They go from Castlevania inspired to generic ice level and from Atari Porn to Hell. At the end of each stage you'll face off against a boss where you'll have to deplete their life bar just like in the blue bomber games. Now, don't take this the wrong way, comparing it to Capcom's classic is a compliment.

Look at the Castlevania level with that 1-up over there reminiscent of Mega Man.
Unlike the Mega Man games, you don't get a different weapon for each level you beat. Instead, you'll be killing all kind of monsters with your trusty NES Zapper and sometimes with the Super Scope upgrade. There are also special items like the Glitch Gremlin and SuperMechaDeathChrist which will help you clear the game's most difficult parts. Now that I'm talking about difficulty let me tell you one thing: this game is very hard.You'll die very often in this game. You'll die so many times that there is a good chance you'll encounter the 1,000 deaths in-game achievement sooner, rather than later. Sometimes it's so hard it's frustrating, but most of the times you'll be trying again and again until you've cleared the stage. It's definitely got that "one more try" appeal.

Climbing ladders and shooting from them Mega Man style.
Is the game worth a try?If you like retro games like Mega Man and you find AVGN videos funny you'll have a great time with this game. I must say the humor of this game is not for everybody though. Here's a clip of the nerd himself playing the game to give you an even better idea of what you can expect, just be warned that it's full of spoilers:
The game was recently released on the Nintendo eShop if you're interested in playing it on the 3DS or Wii U. It should feel right at home there.

Opinion:  Gaming On YouTube Is Here To Stay

Words By GreywolfeI see a lot of confusion about gaming on YouTube – why would you – for example – watch someone doing a Let’s Play of a game?  Surely it makes more sense for you to sit down and play the game from end to end yourself.  Doesn’t this process of watching someone else play the game ruin it?Well, not always.

Sometimes It's Not A Game Type You Can Play

There are all sorts of gems on a gaming system, but they're not always games you can play.  For example, you may not be good at dexterity challenges, but you might be very curious about that kind of game.  Watching people play is the equivalent of

You've got to dig a little deeper
I’m not crazy about platform games, but I like them well enough that I have consistently kept trying to play them ever since the release of Mario Brothers all those years ago.  The problem – for me, at any rate, is that my hand-eye co-ordination has never been particularly spectacular, and the result is that things that seem effortless to some people [doing a long jump to hit that flag pole so that you can rack up a whole bunch of score] are particularly difficult for me to manage, let alone perfect.For the longest time, I would watch my friends play these games.  It was quite soothing.  They’d take the controller and we’d be off in our own little world.  I might tell them where and how I thought they should jump, but for the most part, it was restful.  They would play through the game and I would watch.YouTube has just made that a whole lot easier for me, because my friends aren’t always curious about the games I am, so they don’t necessarily buy into them.

There is also the case that – where I live – not all these games happened to make it to our shores.  Getting a Nintendo 64 was tricky at best and – as a result – I missed out on a lot of those games.  [And then, when my friends who had 64’s got games, they weren’t always the ones I was interested in.]

Were it not for YouTube, I would never have known how great Conker’s Bad Fur Day was.  I would not have seen how Banjo-Tooie took that game in different directions.  I certainly would never have bumped into Glover.

In our more modern time-frame, I would not have had the gumption to try Shovel Knight, [easily one of my favourite games in the last few years] I would never have been exposed to how much work was put into the more modern ports of Myst and I would definitely not have learned of Ronin.

Sometimes You're Not Really There For The Game At All

Some of the time, you've played the game before, and you just want someone else's view on it.

I tend to like laid back, non-screamy YouTube personalities. I know. A rarity.
I’ve played through and enjoyed King’s Quest probably ten or twelve times throughout my gaming career.  At this point there’s not much I haven’t seen in that particular game.  But sometimes, it’s interesting to see someone else play through it and to see their visceral reactions to some of the more crazy puzzles.  [How I hate that beanstalk.]In this case, I’m there for the person’s personality.  Which I think is an important facet that folks sometimes overlook when it comes to the Let’s Play community.  Occasionally, it’s nice to watch someone else battle with things you battled with.  To watch them reason things out and come to – maybe – the same conclusion you did.Or possibly, they just have a style of commentary that agrees with you.  Maybe they never touch on the game at all.  Perhaps they’re funny or quite serious.

In cases like these, I find the games are merely a pleasant backdrop.  A way of listening to someone else while they happen to be playing a game.  And that might be one of the most fun reasons to stop by and watch someone work through a game you’ve already played.

Sometimes, The Game Is FILLED With Fake Difficulty

Sometimes, games are filled with arbitary silliness that you don't want to wade through.  But maybe someone else has...

This little cube. How many hours I lost to it. While this isn't fake difficulty, you can bet that I carefully peeled off the colour stickers on the cube faces and stuck them back. I'd "won" the cube ;)
[You can read an article on the idea of fake difficulty here]There are some things in games that I just don’t have the patience for.  I managed – for example – to play most of Kingdom Hearts:  Chain of Memories.  I got all the way to the top of the tower, finding all the little secrets there were to find by very carefully exploring every single bit of that game world.  I genuinely liked the game and genuinely was looking forward to finishing it.Then, I got to the top of the tower and the game basically had the gall to say, “oh, hey, in the first room of the first world you ever stepped into, there was a compartment thing that you couldn’t get into.  That’s open now and it has the best sword in the game.  You can’t finish the game until you get that sword, so you’d better hustle!”

You can understand my frustration.  I’d put twelve or fourteen hours in at that point and – like most modern games – I thought I was at the end, because everything seemed to be pointing that way, but it turned out the developer was playing an elaborate game of bait and switch.

YouTube to the rescue!  I found someone who was more patient and knew what was going to happen to them and managed to watch them play through that particular segment of the game.  No, it didn’t give me exactly the same satisfaction, but good Lord, that was something the developer didn’t need to do.


I love that gaming on YouTube exists.  I love that it has exposed me to many an experience I was never likely to have.  I love that there’s a big and thriving community on YouTube that is just as interested in gaming as I am.  It’s also interesting to me that there’s a great cross-section of folks playing a great many different types of games.  It isn’t just all Call of Duty.  Some folks have a love for nostalgic adventure games.  Some folks are more into platform games.  It’s awesome.Next week, I’ll expound a little bit more, because there are a handful of other things I’d like to cover that I didn’t manage to get to in this article.

Images courtesy of Pixabay

New Steam Store Releases: Gunbird

Gunbird has come to Steam. A bastardized version of it, anyway. The original Gunbird was a 1994 vertically scrolling Arcade shoot 'em up created by Japanese developer Psikyo. This Steam release, unfortunately, is the cut-down Americanized version, retitled as Mobile Light Force (for some bizarre reason). In spite of that, it still manages to be a really good shooter. During the '90s, Psikyo was one of the best shoot 'em up developers around. And this week actually features a double dose from them, as their 1997 side-scrolling Arcade game, Sol Divide, is also newly available.Also, also newly available, a fantasy strategy game from Stardock, a pretty cool looking space strategy indie game, and the first non-management football game I've seen on Steam. Take one great Arcade shoot 'em up, hack it up and repackage it nonsensically, then jump past the break to see more of this week's new releases.

  • Gunbird (Mobile Light Force) (Psikyo, Single-player, $4.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Sol Divide (Psikyo, Single-player, $4.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Sorcerer King (Stardock, Single-player, $39.99) (Steam Achievements)
  • Interstellaria (Chucklefish, Single-player, $9.99) (Steam Achievements)
  • Axis Football 2015 (Axis Games, Single & Multi-player, $19.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Odallus (JoyMasher, Single-player, $14.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Luckslinger (Duckbridge, Single-player, $12.99) (Controller Support, Steam Achievements)
  • Card Hunter (Blue Manchu, Single & Multi-player, Free to Play) (Steam Achievements)
  • Executive Assault (Hesketh Studios, Single & Multi-player, $12.99)
[Image: Psikyo]

Andrew J Amideo

I want to WRUP myself in a blanket full of ice cubes

WRUP time and I have no idea what to write about. Maybe something about the heat? (I'm a broken record)
I hate summer. It’s too hot to go out and I can’t play much on my PC, because then it gets even hotter in my flat and I fear my GPU starts to burn.
Thank your version of god for Rocket League, the successor to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Yes, This Title Is Way Too Long, Battle-Cars. I’ve been addicted to it ever since I gave it a shot. Try it out if you have a PS4 and PS+, it’s free after all. So, that’s probably where I’ll spend my weekend gaming time.

What's everyone else playing?

  • Andrew J Amideo (@Andoro36):  The Golf Club, Rainbow Six: Vegas (for the second time).
  • Billy Colley (@Amuntoth): This weekend I'll be relaxing. Playing some Wolf Among Us, as well as hopefully playing some Chaos Gate!
    Addendum: Shadow of the Horned Rat! Gonna play the SHIT out of that this weekend!
  • Cody Hall (@Yoda0VGs): My gf and I will be enjoying some Mortal Kombat X on the new PS4 as well as more Rocket League!
  • Dante: Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm daily quests, TF2 weekly contracts and I hope I finish Fire Emblem this Sunday.
  • Greywolfe (@lostwolfe, YouTube): leisure suit larry 5, where we deal with the first lady and then move to the next.  kyrandia 1, please send help, i'm in the worst maze, ever.  and more hearthstone brawls.  this week's one is sort of eh.  random decks?  it's pretty lame.  :(
  • John Rausch (@visitzebes): Lost Planet 3?!
  • Thomas Ortsik (@Dr_Strangethumb): Rocket League and maybe some Sins of a Solar Empire - Armada 3 mod with the Twinstiq team
  • Trisha Baumgartner (twitch): Have to work all weekend but I'm looking at persona for my 3ds, if anyone has some other suggestions please tell me!
  • Jimmy Vegas (@JimmyPhantom17): Still working through Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
  • Steve: Going to be working most the weekend while trying to find time for leveling in WoW, FFXIV and Trove (if I can defeat the queue boss).
Picture: Psyonix

Farewell, Mr Iwata (New Nintendo eShop Releases)

This past Sunday, Nintendo was the unfortunate bearer of some very disheartening news. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's charismatic and widely-respected CEO, had unexpectedly passed away due to cancer-related complications. You can say what you want about Mr Iwata's particular successes and failures during his thirteen year tenure as President, but all that really matters is that he was a kind, humorous, and visionary leader, who's untimely departure from this world has surely been felt by many. This is a sad time for Nintendo and it is an uncertain time as well. Let us hope that they can find a worthy replacement sometime in the near future. Until then, we will continue to remember Mr Iwata as the great man that he was.In terms of new games this week, there is really only one worth mentioning, so I won't even put it beyond a page break. It is a curious oddity from my youth. A fun and challenging little title that I spent many hours playing at various friend's houses. Blaster Master. You probably won't enjoy it as much if you don't have that same sense of nostalgia, but I would invite you to give it a try anyway. It's one of those games that has a little bit of something for everybody. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go relive some of my youth.

Wii U

[Original Image: Nintendo]

Andrew J Amideo

Oh My God Emperor! *UPDATE*

*UPDATE 1* It looks like all three games are having serious issues right now. Personally I got Shadow of the Horned Rat and it crashed when loading the first battle. Apparently everyone is getting this and there is no known work around yet without the physical disc. Final Liberation and Chaos Gate are also having audio issues, lag issues, and crashing issues. Looks like these three weren't ready for recruitment. Hopefully will step in and actually update and fix the issues present, if not it's back to looking for a physical copy of Shadow of the Horned Rat for me. *Three new games have appeared on, and I am so excited right now I can barely type this. Everyone knows by now that I am a Warhammer fan, so my excitement should come as no surprise now that Warhammer is on GoG! Hit the break for my thoughts and some more ramblings.

I'm sitting here in my home office, surfing the internet before I go to my normal job. Now, though, now I see that Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate, Epic 40,000 Final Liberation, and Warhammer Fantasy: Shadow of the Horned Rat are all available for the first time digitally on GoG. Why must I leave for work? Why can't I stay and play these epic games? I can look up at my video games and see the two prominently displayed boxes of Chaos Gate and Final Liberation. I bought them as part of my Warhammer video game collection, partly because I figured they would never come out digitally. I was still searching for Shadow of the Horned day I'll have it in my grubby little hands.So what kinds of games are these anyway? Well, Chaos Gate is very much like X-Com. I know I mention X-Com alot, but this game is a turn based tactical RPG with an isometric view. You control a squad of marines that you outfit as you see fit, with more options available the farther you get. It's great fun,  but can be a bit buggy. Shadow of the Horned Rat is kind of like an early Total War game, though I haven't actually played it yet. Just watched a lot of videos online. Still, the graphics might turn a lot of people off from Shadow of the Horned Rat as they are...interesting. Finally we come to Final Liberation, and how best to explain it? Imagine X-Com or Chaos Gate but ramped up to 11. Squads of soldiers for every unit, tanks everywhere, walking battle mechs, this game is about the biggest and baddest from the Warhammer 40k universe fighting it out.

I will be checking these GoG versions out soon, as soon as I can, and I'll be posting my thoughts about those versions here. I'll also be streaming them because everyone should experience my joy when it comes to Warhammer. Are you excited about these releases? Are you curious how they got the rights squared away after all this time? Leave a comment below and let's discuss.

Author: Billy C

Batman: Late Knight on PC


Yep, still broken.
Still waiting for the PC version of Arkham Knight? I hope you’re patient, otherwise you might be better off with switching to a console.
Kotaku Australia got their hands on a supposed EB Games memo, which states that the game will not be fixed until Australian Spring, which is in about 2 months.

“As previously advised, we have stopped sales of Batman: Arkham Knight PC while Warner and Rocksteady work on addressing performance issues with the game. The latest information from Warner is that the updates won’t be available until Spring. Due to this we have made the difficult decision to recall all PC stock from stores to return to the vendor until an acceptable solution is released.”

So what about the people who already bought it? Well, you’ll probably get to beta test some more and as a thank you Warner Bros. will NOT release the DLC until the game is available for sale again. Why is that a positive? Because the DLC is about as good as the frame rate of the PC version.
Source: Kotaku Australia
Picture: Batman - Arkham Knight (PS4, because that version isn't without bugs either)