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The Twinstiq Game Club is still underway, so if you are into (re)playing classics, why not take part. Our first talk about Deus Ex's Liberty Island level should be coming up shortly. If you want to join us, let me know in the forum.-Dr. S What's everyone playing over the weekend? Andrew J Amideo (@Andoro36):…
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The New Directx12 is here!

Square Enix and Microsoft revealed yesterday to millions of viewers a Tech Demo of the new Final Fantasy XV that will be featuring the new DirectX 12. Before the video, audiences saw an introduction from Hajime Tabata, who works within Square Enix's Business Division 2; and is currently focused on the new Final Fantasy XV.…
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Gamers Care About Nepal

A violent earthquake shook Nepal a week ago, one of the most powerful the region has ever seen, and the death tolls continue to climb. As one of Asia's poorest countries, they have little ability to fund their own recovery. Various game developers are pitching in, and you can do your part as well. Read…
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