Monthly Archives: April 2015

Just Cause 3 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Everyone's favorite Micheal Bay Simulator is back with a new trailer showing off some gameplay highlights for the next installment in the series. We see explosions, fast planes, grappling hooks, missiles, explosions, guns, plane surfing, explosions, buildings being reduced to ruble, skydiving, boats with guns, and of course, explosions. The game is due to release…
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Back to the RetroStop

Well, I will admit I'm a bit surprised. Since I wrote the article about GameStop buying older generation consoles, I've both found and received  a ton of negative feedback from the community about the project. Heck, even some of us at Twinstiq feel the same way. In Twinstiq's Podcast Episode IV: A new Drama we…
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Paid Mods in Skyrim Take an Arrow to the Knee

After an onslaught of community outrage, Valve has decided to remove paid mod support from Skyrim.  Thanks to the valuable, levelheaded feedback from the community (how does sarcasm work on the internet again?), Valve concluded it was a bad idea to roll out this program with Skyrim.  "We understand our own game's communities pretty well,…
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